Versions Playlist
Ecouter "Nothing sure looked good on you" (Gene Watson / Jim Rushing)
Ecouter "Dance the two step" (Lee Holdridge / Molly Ann Leikin / Susie Allanson)
Ecouter "Let me in" (Johnny Slate / Kenny Dale / Larry Keith / Steve Pippin)
Ecouter "Natural attraction" (Alan Rush / Billie Jo Spears / Dennis Linde)
Ecouter "Rose's are red" (Dan Willis / Freddie Hart / Nelson A Larkin)
Ecouter "Just enough love (for one woman)" (Bobby Smith / Daniel Morrison / Dave Kirby)
Ecouter "When you were blue and i was green" (Earl Conley / Kin Vassy)
Ecouter "I just need you for tonight" (Billy Crash Craddock / J L Wallace / Kenneth Bell / Terry Skinner)
Ecouter "Over you" (Austin Roberts / Bobby Hart / Lane Brody)
Ecouter "A little at a time" (L Byron / T Schuyler / Thom Schuyler)
Ecouter "Who's gonna keep me warm" (Donald Stirling / Kevin Mcknelly / Phil Everly)
Ecouter "Slow dancin'" (Jerrell Lee Fuller / John Nolan Hobbs / Kimberly Springs)
Ecouter "When i get home" (Bobby Bare / Edward Duane Raetzloff / William Dallas Little)
Ecouter "The rock and roll of love" (Bob Mcdill / Charlie Black / Tom Wopat)
Ecouter "Then it's love" (Dennis Linde / Don Williams)
Ecouter "Hell and high water" (Alex Harvey / T. Graham Brown)
Ecouter "That's one to grow on" (Dobie Gray / James Fuller)
Ecouter "I didn't (every chance i had)" (Bobby P Barker / Johnny Rodriguez / Keith Palmer)
Ecouter "The other guy" (David Slater / Graeham Goble)
Ecouter "Sooner or later" (Beckie Foster / Bill Labounty / Eddy Raven / Susan Longacre)
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