Versions Playlist
  Disque 1
Ecouter "Fortune teller" (Forest Fire)
Ecouter "Storm" (Django Django)
Ecouter "Apply" (Glasser)
Ecouter "The be colony" (Broadcast / The Focus Group)
Ecouter "Vivid youth" (The Pastels / The Tenniscoats)
Ecouter "Sad sad feet" (Cate Le Bon)
Ecouter "We almost had a baby" (Emmy The Great)
Ecouter "Cockatoo" (Fists)
Ecouter "Hey boy" (Magic Kids)
Ecouter "15 to 20" (The Phenomenal Handclap Band)
Ecouter "Psychic city (edit)" (Yacht)
Ecouter "Kanetown city rips" (Jumbling Towers)
Ecouter "Warm heart of africa" (The Very Best)
Ecouter "My brother the gun" (Mariachi El Bronx)
Ecouter "High wide & handsome" (Loudon Wainwright Iii)
Ecouter "Save it for someone who cares" (The Leisure Society)
Ecouter "Powerful lovin'" (Fergus & Geronimo)
Ecouter "Criminology" (Tom Russell)
Ecouter "Home" (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros)
  Disque 2
Ecouter "Surfin' uae" (Rick Tomlinson)
Ecouter "Breathin out" (Kurt Vile)
Ecouter "Basic space" (The Xx)
Ecouter "Whole new way" (The Horrors)
Ecouter "Lets go surfing" (The Drums)
Ecouter "Steadycam" (Dutch Uncles)
Ecouter "The very best of neil diamond" (Super Furry Animals)
Ecouter "High pressure days" (The Units)
Ecouter "Lips" (Micachu & The Shapes)
Ecouter "I found a peanut" (Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds)
Ecouter "I wanna kill" (Crocodiles)
Ecouter "My heart" (Smith Westerns)
Ecouter "Highway memorial shrine" (Nodzzz)
Ecouter "Answer to yourself" (The Soft Pack)
Ecouter "Year's not long" (Male Bonding)
Ecouter "Human upskirt" (Pissed Jeans)
Ecouter "If i had a heart" (Fever Ray)
Ecouter "Kaliko" (Zomby)
Ecouter "Shoes" (Tiga)
Ecouter "Kingstonlogic (angry mix)" (Terry Lynn)
Ecouter "Chatty mouth" (Hyper Black Bass)
Ecouter "Quiet dog" (Mos Def)
Ecouter "Africa space program" (Nacho Patrol)
Ecouter "Spiritual" (Bob Parks)

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