Lest we forget (2010)

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Chelsea Pensioners / Lest We Forget / Sir Andrew Davis


Warner / Warner Classics International / Teldec Classics International
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Ecouter "Military medley" (Chelsea Pensioners)
Ecouter "Elgar : 5 pomp and circumstance marches op.39 : no.4 in g major / binyon - for the fallen, housman - on the idle hill of summer" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Hardy: in time of the breaking of nations" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Elgar : salut d'amour op.12" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Read : the autumn of the world" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Holst : the planets op.32 : i mars, the bringer of war / sasson - attack & the general, brooke - the dead (iii)" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Bynion: for the fallen" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Thomas : in memoriam (easter 1915)" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Brooke : the dead (iv)" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Rosenberg : returning we hear the larks" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Sassoon : everyone sang" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Elgar: chanson de matin, op. 15, no. 2" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Masefield : on the dead in gallipoli" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Elgar : elegy op.58 / hodgson - before action, brooke - the soldier" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Owen : futility" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Mccrae: in flanders field" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Elgar: chanson de nuit, op. 15, no. 1" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Dylan : the hand that signed the paper" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Delius : summer night on the river / read - to a conscript of 1940, day lewis - watching post" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Reed : naming of parts" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Lewis : all day it has rained" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Britten : 4 sea interludes op.33a : no.1 dawn / causley : song of the dying gunner, pudney - for johnny" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Holst : the planets op.32 : ii venus, the bringer of peace / dickingson - midnight may 7th, 1945, day lewis - will it be so again" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Causley : at the british war cemetery, bayeux" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Elgar: enigma variations, op. 36: x. nimrod" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Dylan : and death shall have no dominion" (Lest We Forget)
Ecouter "Elgar: 5 pomp and circumstance marches, op. 39: no .1 in d major (land of hope and glory)" (Sir Andrew Davis)
Ecouter "Binyon : for the fallen (excerpt)" (Lest We Forget)

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