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Versions Playlist
Ecouter "Let's dance" (David Bowie)
Ecouter "What's love got to do with it" (Tina Turner)
Ecouter "Do you really want to hurt me" (Culture Club)
Ecouter "Bette davis eyes" (Kim Carnes)
Ecouter "Don't you (forget about me)" (Simple Minds)
Ecouter "Flashdance... what a feeling" (Irène Cara)
Ecouter "Everybody's got to learn sometimes" (The Korgis)
Ecouter "More than i can bear" (Matt Bianco)
Ecouter "Too shy" (Kajagoogoo)
Ecouter "Unchain my heart" (Joe Cocker)
Ecouter "The power of love" (Huey Lewis / The News)
Ecouter "Kids in america" (Kim Wilde)
Ecouter "Sexcrime" (Eurythmics)
Ecouter "Fade to grey" (Visage)
Ecouter "Nightshift" (The Commodores)
Ecouter "Eyes without a face" (Billy Idol)
Ecouter "Call me" (Blondie)
Ecouter "Don't you want me" (The Human League)
Ecouter "Live is life" (Opus Trio)
Ecouter "Long train runnin'" (Traks)
Ecouter "Wot" (Captain Sensible)
Ecouter "Avalon" (Roxy Music)
Ecouter "Such a shame" (Talk Talk)
Ecouter "Heartache avenue" (Maisonettes)
Ecouter "One night in bangkok" (Murray Head)
Ecouter "Hey little girl" (Ice House)
Ecouter "Jeopardy" (Greg Kihn)
Ecouter "Why can't we live together" (Mike Anthony)
Ecouter "City lights" (William Pitt)
Ecouter "Cry me a river" (Mari Wilson)

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Kim Wilde
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